Antigua & Barbuda – World Travel Market

Antigua and Barbuda moving away from the white sandy beaches to emphasize more on the festive side of the island in the design for World Travel Markets A&B stand.

The crystal blue water effect creates an experience to walk into. The stand is welcoming, casual and relaxing with the bright brand colours beaming out. Pink and fuchsia colours are painted on the stand, with the Antigua and Barbuda logo reversed out in white vinyls. Level one is fresh welcoming pool area. Whilst level two is a more sophisticated area, a semi private colourful, cosy lounge. The meeting room and storage room are very accessible whilst semi invisible as they merge into the background. Plasma screens on each sides create moving content about Antigua & Barbuda. Finally, carnival dancers, a bar lounge area with a Soca music to create the local island vibe.

The beach is really just the beginning…