SMP: Designed to fill in the gaps between paydays
To deliver honest financial products that improve people’s lives.

Disheartened with the state of the payday lending industry in the UK, paze was founded on the premise of eliminating the dependency on short-term credit and encourage working people to save. Digging into the consumer lending industry, some consumers with full-time jobs were financially stressed struggling with their monthly cash flow. Many not having disposable incomes to resolve any unexpected spend, it would lead people to seek out high-interest, short-term credit solutions, which in some cases could leave them financially vulnerable. Paze is designed to help you improve your cash flow between paydays, by giving you access to your money as you earn it instead of waiting for your next payday. By increasing your available cash throughout the month, paze can help you avoid late payment fees, interest and bank charges and save more at the end of the month.

Paze developed a holistic solution to our customer’s finances, allowing them to spend, manage and save their money more responsibly. To fundamentally transform the debt market, introducing and implementing a innovative way of getting their salary without having to wait until the end of the month or use pay day loans.

We Implemented the brand consistently to reinforce what paze stand for and safeguard their reputation for the future. Elements included, brand message, essence and website brand. Then paze brand guidelines where created to ensure that they deliver the new look consistently across all internal and external applications.

Included: brand essence, website brand, brand guidelines